--The story behind the Marquise des Anges' stay at the gesthouse --

After a happy childhood in the countryside as a the daughter of a provincial country dweller, Angelique is promised against her will to a wealthy lord of Toulouse, twelve years older than her, the count Joffrey de Peyrac. Reluctant at first before the physical disgrace of her husband to be, she is eventually seduced by his personality; despite jealousies around them caused by the mysterious richness of Joffrey, she begins a happy married life: a first child, Florimond, seal their union.

Joffrey accused of witchcraft, suffers an unfair trial and is finally condemned to be burned alive. After which Angélique starts to gradually get depressed in the slums of the capital.

She comes to Bouin in order to give birth to her second child, Cantor. Gradually, she manages to emerge from this fallen state, and thanks to the new chocolate fashion, manages to make a fortune. To ensure the future of her children, and thanks to the blackmail she does about the conspiracy against the king that she discovered when she was young, she remarries with her cousin Philip.

Through this union, stormy at first, she manages to approach the court and the king, who is seduced by her beauty and intelligence; in doing so, it attracts the enmity of the mistress of Louis XIV, the Marquise de Montespan, who attempts to assassinate her but fails.

Meanwhile, she gives birth to the child resulting of her union with Philippe, little Charles-Henri de Plessis-Bellière. Angélique returns from time to time in this small house from the seaside to remember that this is the place where she was able to take off thanks to the solidarity of the this small village peasants, surrounded by the sea, and where no one knew that that's where she lived her best years.

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