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Short historty of Bouin:

Around the year 300 AD, Bouin was an island inhabited by several families from Lower Brittany. June 7th 567, a tidal wave completely covered the island and killed all its inhabitants. In 577, a few dozen homes came to settle again in various areas of the island. To protect the ocean, the settlers had to climb the earth embankments, the first protections, gradually replaced by existing dams. The Island Bouin, bordered to the east by the sea arm of Dain and west by the ocean, was attached to the mainland around 1834 with the construction of the first bridge in the direction of Bourgneuf.

Since these known dates, the "Isle of Bouin 'was submerged repeatedly. Protected by a breakwater of 14 km on which were built the port of les Brochets, the port des Champs and the port du Bec aka the Chinese port. The City has a rich heritage woven over centuries. Its fate was marked by events during the revolution, but also by famous people like Sébastien Luneau or Achille Le Cler and for a longtime, by its prosperity thanks to the salt. Around the church, one of its significative landmarks, Bouin keeps in its narrow streets and alleys, homes and mansions that reflect its prestigious past.

Old pictures of the house


The house was created in 1864. It was the first hotel-restaurant in Bouin. With the commercialization of salt, the house welcomed traders and their horses. In recognition of the time, you can still find the horse hitches in the guesthouse yard.

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