The Sun King's Bedroom


Louis XIV chose the sun emblem. It is the star that gives life to everything but it is also the symbol of order and regularity. He reigned as the sun on his court, his courtesans and France. Indeed, the courtesans attended the day of the King as the daily path of the sun. He even appeared disguised as the sun at a party thrown in the court. The Sun King (Le Roi Soleil in French) definetely domesticated all those who questioned his authority by turning his monarch life into a perpertual theater where everything from sunset to sunrise, from his meals to his love affairs, from his clothes to his pets, from his entertainment to his intimate pleasures. He was followed by anxious courtesans.

The biggest bedroom of the guesthouse welcomes you for a comfotable and pleasant stay. The room includes a large double bed (1m60x2m), a private bathroom with a spacious shower and offers its visitors a launch area to sip coffee or tea in a peaceful environment  

Rescator's Bedroom


In France during the reign of Louis XIV, Angelique discovers that her husband, Joffrey of Peyrac alias Rescator, is in Sardinia. Accompagnied by her faithful alchemist Savary, she decides to go join him on the island, but the boat is attacked by pirates. She throws herself into the sea and then is rescued by another boat; she is then brought to a slave market where a man sent by her husband buys her back. But their happiness does not last long because, while Joffrey runs to save his boat in flames, Angelique gets kidnapped by pirates once more.

Just a few miles from the coast, this bedroom will provide you with an unforgettable experience to share. The room includes a double bed and a private shower-room.

Marquise des Anges' Bedroom


"...Daughter of the Baron Sancé de Monteloup and very freely educated, Angelique hangs out with young people of her age, inclunding Nicolas, her childhood friend, who she she quite likes. In order to complete her education, her father entrusts her to her cousin and neighboor, la Marquise de Plessis-Bellieres. She is mocked by the son of this woman, who called her the "Marquise with the sad dress". It's while she accidentally enters the Prince of Condé's room that she surprises the poising plot which has been prepared against the King Louis XIV, his brother and Mazarin, plot which seems to be investigated by Fouquet himself..."

This romantic bedroom pays tribute to the famous Angelique, la Marquise des Anges, with its large double four poster bed and its charming atmosphere. A common shower-room and toilet facilities are on the same floor.

Joffrey de Peyrac's Bedroom


"...On the wedding day, the castle is rejoicing but Angelique apprehends the encounter with her dying husband. Surprinsingly, the awaited man coming out of the carriage seems quite healthy but he quickly introduces himself to Angelique as Bernard d'Andijos, one of Joffrey de Peyrac's friends who came here to marry her in his place, according to the law of marriage by proxy, legal when the couple does not live in the same town..."
This charming bedroom is complete with two single beds and a shower-room and toilet facilities.

Madame de Montespan's Bedroom


"...In 1674, Ms. Lavallière left the court. Madame de Montespan then became the favorite of Louis XIV. She removed the presence of the maid of honour of the Queen, both by fear of her husband's taste for newness - she could find more that one rival among the young women who quickly followed eachother- and by need to hide the both of the children born of their passion..."

Composed of two single beds and a shower-room, the bedroom of Madame de Montespan, the Sun King's well-known favorite, will permit you to have an incredible and enjoybale stay in Vendée.

Breakfast Place


You have at your disposal a library with book in different languages (English, German, French, Russian and Italian). You can relax with a game of Backgammon or Checkers.

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